Quarantine Wedding: Couple Ties Knot in Front of Cardboard Cutouts, Saves Big on Reception and Bad Toasts

Imagine this scenario: you meet the love of your life, you date for a while and realize that you want to spend the rest of your life with her. You propose, she accepts, and you begin planning your wedding. You get the venue figured out, invite everyone you know, and prepare to make it legal. Then the COVID-19 virus breaks out and a wedding with more than just you, your bride-to-be, and an officiant just isn’t going to happen. So now you have to tell your 160 guests to stay at home and you and your bride get married in an empty venue, right? Not if you’re one Michigan couple.

Instead of reading their vows in front of empty chairs, Dan Stuglik and Amy Simonson decided to create a crowd without actually breaking any rules on social distancing. That’s because the attendees of their wedding weren’t technically human. In fact, they weren’t even alive. They were cardboard cutouts.

Photo: Westend61 (Getty Images)

The human-shaped cardboard cutouts were made by a local company called Menasha Packing and they stood in for family and friends who couldn’t come to see the nuptials. The reason for the paper people was the fact that Stuglik didn’t want his new wife to walk down the aisle without any onlookers (figuratively) cheering her on. No idea what became of the crowd after the wedding. We can only assume there were some really confused garbage men on trash pickup day.

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