High-Speed Chase Ends with Dog Getting Pulled Over, Owner Says He Was ‘Teaching it to Drive’

Dogs get a bad rap. They get blamed for eating homework, they’re compared to cheating husbands and, supposedly, every dog only gets one really good day. For being man’s best friend, dogs sure do get thrown under the bus a lot.

In fact, we might just need to start calling them man’s best scapegoat, if this story from Lakewood, Washington, is any indication. As the story goes, police were led on a high-speed chase throughout the city, reaching speeds of up to 109 mph. The car, a 1996 Buick, reportedly careened out of control, struck multiple parked cars and, at one point, veered into a typically heavily-populated pedestrian area (thankfully, the area was free of people at the time). Eventually, police grew tired of the chase and threw down a spike strip, stopping the car and ending the pursuit. But as they approached the vehicle, they noticed that something was off. The driver was, in fact, a pit bull.

Now, we’ve heard about dogs driving cars before. But never before have we heard a story about a dog who led police on a high-speed chase. But that’s exactly what happened. The police report states that the doggo was in the driver’s seat, while her owner was in the passenger seat, manning the steering wheel. The owner of the dog (and the vehicle) simply stated to the officers that he was “teaching his dog to drive.” He was charged with DUI, reckless driving, hit-and-run, and felony eluding, the report said. But it never answered the most pressing question, which has kept us up for nights now: Who was working the pedals?

The world may never know. Doggone it.

Cover Photo: Jessica Lipki (Getty Images)

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