Police Attacked by Thousands of Bees, Not the Sting They Were Planning For

In a time when many human beings are doing the best they can to “save the bees,” a hive in Pasadena, California, really did its best to fuck it up for the rest of their kind. Last week, police and fire department personnel responded to a 911 call that alleged multiple people near Pasadena City College were getting stung by bees. The Los Angeles Times reported that firefighters arrived at the scene first and were astonished to see an aggressive swarm of an estimated 30,000 to 40,000 honeybees. A spokesperson for the Pasadena Fire Department said that “the call over the radio was, ‘there is a block-long swarm of bees.’”

Indeed there were, and when first responders arrived at the scene, they were immediately stung and called for backup. One brave firefighter got out of his vehicle to survey the scene and started getting stung. His first impulse was to get back into his vehicle but he had the wherewithal to remember that his partner was actually allergic to bees, and he didn’t want to risk opening the door again and letting the evil creatures in. Eventually, police and firefighters resorted to foam and CO2 extinguishers to disperse the bees, while a local beekeeper oversaw the scene to make sure no bees were harmed. Because, despite their a-hole attitudes sometimes, we actually really need bees and we don’t want to make them mad. Still, had we been there, we absolutely would have screamed “Not the bees!” a la The Wicker Man.

Cover Photo: John Kimbler / 500px

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