Uber Jump Releases Three-Wheeled Scooters for Losers Who Are Also Uncoordinated

In any big city, you will inevitably see some hipster who cares about such cliché things like “the environment” foregoing car rides, instead opting for bicycles, skateboards or scooters. Usually, these people are at peak fitness, which makes sense because they bike everywhere. Still, there are people out there that do not possess the athletic prowess to navigate such environmentally-conscious mobiles. For those people, there is Uber Jump.

These electric scooters are devices created with more stability and easy-to-navigate controls, designed to give individuals with disabilities (or, in our case, just plain laziness) more options. Using three wheels instead of the typical two, these scooters have more balance and are more accessible for those of us whose dads weren’t around to teach us how to ride a bike without the training wheels. Right now, these three-wheeled bad boys are only available at two locations in San Francisco but if they prove to be successful, you best believe they’ll be making their way into bike stores all across the country. Major props to Uber for recognizing that their clientele is generally as uncoordinated as a 2 a.m. rideshare on New Year’s Eve.

Cover Photo: Petko Ninov (Getty Images)

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