Wine Will Save Your Pearly Whites, Enabling Study Suggests Reasons to Keep Pouring 

You’re out to a dinner date and realize you forgot to brush your teeth (again), only to reach in your pocket for that breath-saving gum, which of course has melted from your body sweat and is now rendered useless. Never fear, because according to a recent study, the best thing to do in this situation is to order a glass of wine. Yes, researchers discovered that red and white wines contain organic compounds that fight against almost 100 percent of dental bacteria. Additionally, the compounds were found to combat germs that cause most sore throats. Published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, it’s reported that various acids in wines attack the germs, (red being better than white) giving us all another great reason to keep pouring when our friends tell us to quit. So if you’re concerned about your dental hygiene, pour another and slap a smile on those pearly whites. Because we all love a good study that validates our bad habits. Next week we’ll explain why an all-pizza diet is healthier and unprotected sex actually makes you immortal. Seriously though, brush your teeth.

Photo: Mirko Vitali / EyeEm (Getty Images)

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