Cowadunga: Bitter Cow Shoots Its Vengeful Poop at Its Owner

It’s no big surprise to get shit on at work, unless of course, it’s literal. Being a farmer must be one of those jobs where weird news happens all the time, but one Iowa farmer, Karter Kilburg, got a load of the sweet taste of revenge when one of his prize livestock hurtled feces at him, a no-look shot to the back.

Kudos to Kilburg for tweeting the video himself, adding a caption that we think we can all relate to (“I didn’t even stand a chance. Direct line of fire. Typical Monday.”) If that’s a typical Monday, we feel sorry for you, Karter. If you’ve managed to get through watching this video without totally feeling sick to your stomach, we applaud you.

Cover Photo: Monty Rakusen (Getty Images)

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