Plastic Pollution in Ocean Proves Sea Creatures Are Absolute Slobs

Photo: Peter Cade (Getty Images)

Ever wonder where the term “filthy animal” comes from? Take a look at our ocean pollution, and you’ll see.

American diver, Victor Vesovo, piloted a deepsea submarine 7 miles down into the Pacific, only to discover what many of us were fearing: countless landfills of loose garbage. It appears sea snails, anthropods, and other sea bottom dwellers have spent decades leaving their unrecycled plastic waste, namely discarded roller blades and empty beer cans, littered across the ocean floor. Vesovo recorded his findings as “the most unsanitary kitchen I’ve ever been in.”

While the accused marine life has remained speechless as accusations run wild online, their silence speaks volumes about their stance on community and future fish generations. However, many of the animal kingdom’s responsible members have stepped forward with weekend beach clean-ups and reusable signs stating that “the actions of the few affect the many” while they scoop trash with their paws.

Meanwhile, humans well-known for always remaining smart about single-use plastics and being nonjudgmental, protested on the importance of “not being a revolting slob” and are taking on multiple pollution initiatives in the form of nonprofits that will fold in their first three years, if not months, so as to acquire as many new Instagram followers as possible during said period.

Have a look at responsible (and adorable) animal GIFs as they work tirelessly to clean up the mess.

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