Guy on Beer Diet Loses 44 Pounds, Becomes Our Role Model

Photo by: picturegarden (Getty Images)

For years, man has struggled to find the perfect diet for staying trim. In that time, we’ve been told to stay away from alcohol because it only adds to the weight you’re trying to lose. But one brilliant man found a way to make beer the primary ingredient for his weight loss and we can’t applaud him more. The beer diet is for real.

Del Hall works at an Ohio brewery and had a genius idea for Lent. He decided to give up all solid foods and drink only beer during his fast. The result saw him drop 44 pounds and now we’re on our way to pick up a keg while heading to the gym.

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As you can see in the video, Hall tracked his progress on his Instagram page and, sure enough, he’s been making his rounds in the media to talk about his fasting miracle. Coincidentally, he goes by “Beer Influencer” on Instagram and succeeded in influencing us to try this beer diet out.

While we can’t say we’ll stick to our diet — let’s be honest, we probably can’t give up pizza and cheeseburgers — we will say this is pretty damn impressive. We imagine there are side effects to this kind of meal plan, and that look something like this…

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