Woman Has Leg Amputated After Razor Cut Leads To Flesh-Eating Infection

Woman shaving her legs. Photo: Image Source (Getty)

Today’s story is a cautionary tale. It’s a story that anyone using a razor can learn from. In short, go to the doctor immediately at the first sign of an infection. Otherwise, you could end up like Tanya Czernozukow.

Czernozukow, a 43-year-old English woman, cut her leg shaving in 2014. She claims it was just a nick. But that “nick” would eventually turn into a nightmare — a massive hole in her leg leading to a deadly infection requiring amputation.

LADBible says doctors spent roughly 18 months trying to stop the infection from spreading. They tried antibiotics (and even maggots), but the infection eventually turned gangrenous.

“Within a few weeks it was green and black from my ankle right up to my knees. The pain was absolutely sheer hell.

“I had to take more and more painkillers. It was a constant feeling of thousands of needles being stuck into me.

“I used to sit with my leg in a plastic bag – there used to be that much fluid seeping out of it, I felt like I was in a horror movie.”

Eventually Czernozukow told doctors to amputate her leg, which stopped the infection from spreading.

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Here is Czernozukow telling her story:

Czernozukow lost her job because of the ordeal. She’s currently looking to go back to work and getting her leg fitted for a prosthetic.

Josh’s Take

It doesn’t take a genius to learn from other people’s mistakes. This woman should have gone to the doctor at the first sign of complications. Instead she waited six months. So…

  1. Always use a clean razor.
  2. Always clean cuts immediately, no matter the size.
  3. See a doctor as soon as there are signs of an infection.


Josh Helmuth (not a real M.D.)

Josh Helmuth is a sports reporter in St. Louis who contributes to Mandatory.