Would You Pay To Sleep In This Manhattan ‘Nap Store?’

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I am a man of many passions. I’m passionate about my wife, fantasy baseball, cheeseburgers, a new pair of running shoes … and naps. Yes. My name is Josh Helmuth, and I am a serial napper. Whether it be five minutes, 15, or a solid hour, if I can get a nap in on a non-work day, I take advantage.

The question is whether or not city folk are willing to pay for them.

Manhattanites have just been introduced to The Dreamery, a “nap store” that opened in the city this week.

Mattress manufacturer Casper is the brainZZZ behind this business.


On July 11 the company launched the Dreamery, a “physical sleep experience” that will let city dwellers book 45 minutes of downtime in one of its nine private rooms. The concept store, located just behind its Manhattan flagship in Greenwich Village, provides pajamas, essential sleep oils and meditations by the mindfulness app Headspace, all for only $25.

“There’s a really big opportunity here to create products and experiences to really help people think about sleep in a totally different way,” Casper co-founder and Chief Operating Officer Neil Parikh said. “Throughout the course of the day, there are so many moments you need to rest and relax—but it’s hard.”

Will people pay for this nonsense? Of course. People simply hand over cash to Kylie Jenner in this country for God’s sake. Come to find out, this “nap store” concept isn’t even entirely new.

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At least there’s comfort in knowing Twitter sees through this marketing ploy.

Casper said they hope to expand their stores to college campuses, corporate offices and airports, all in an effort to “de-stigmatize” daytime naps in American culture.

Josh’s Take

There are only three reasons to pay for a nap:

  1. You are far away from home, have just worked a long day, and need a quick snooze before driving home.
  2. You are mattress shopping and the money you pay goes towards the purchase of your new mattress.
  3. The nap comes with a full body message and a pint of ice cream.

Josh Helmuth is a sports reporter in St. Louis who contributes to Mandatory. He loves naps. He likes them free of charge.