Male Nurse Assistant In Bolivia Busted Having Sex With Female Corpse

Photo: KatarzynaBialasiewicz (Getty)

Being named after a Sesame Street Muppet apparently fucks you up big time.

According to News Corp, a 27-year-old male nurse assistant at the Hospital de Clinicas in La Paz, Bolivia was arrested after police said he was busted humping the shit out of a woman’s corpse last month.

The sick fuck, Grover Macuchapi, was seen by the dead woman’s grieving husband “engaging in relations with the corpse of his wife.” That’s when the husband took matters into his own hands and began beating the everliving snot out of Macuchapi until security guards showed up to take him away.

“I saw what he was doing and hit him,” the husband said after walking in the morgue to find Macuchapi “standing over his wife’s body” with his pants around his ankles. “He was moving and he had his trousers down.”

Even crazier than walking in on some prick plowing your dead wife? You guessed it – the fact that there is no criminal penalty for necrophilia in Bolivia. Instead, police have charged Macuchapi with “profaning a corpse and obscene acts” in an effort to get him the maximum penalty for his actions.

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