Denver Nurses Suspended After Opening Body Bag To Look At Corpse’s Massive Penis

Photo: MilanMarkovic (Getty)

It appears as though the Dirk Diggler of corpses arrived at Denver Health Medical Center earlier this year, and several nurses who took time out of their busy work schedules to view and “admire” his goods were eventually suspended because of it.

dear god

According to Denver 7, the dead guy arrived at Denver Health at the end of March, and five nurses were reportedly suspended for three weeks after they “inappropriately viewed” and “admired” the size of his genitals on numerous occasions between March 31 and April 3. They then proceeded to talk about his gigantic cock and balls into the month of May, and that’s when another nurse felt the need to report them to the hospital’s higher-ups.

A hospital spokesman confirmed the story and said all but one of the nurses eventually returned to work with a “record of discipline placed in their personnel files.” The other nurse is no longer employed at the hospital, but it appears as though she left on her own terms and wasn’t terminated for taking a peek or two at the man’s junk.


Other than the fact that he was freaking huge, nothing more is know about the deceased man. Rest in peace, pal.

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