Dad Mocks Teenage Daughter’s Annoying Snapchat Filter

Dads sure love to embarrass their kids — especially when they have a chance to mock one of their ridiculous selfies. Take for example the dad that decided to poke fun at his teenaged-daughter who posted a picture of herself in one of those Snapchat foliage filters.

Cassie Martin took it to imgur to share a picture of herself using the Snapchat filter with a picture of her dad besides it completely mocking her. Dad even mocks the tattoo Cassie has. Take a look at the picture below:

Dad Mocks Teenaged-Daughter Annoying Snapchat Filter
Cassie didn’t have an issue with it, as she titled the post “well, he nailed it.”

Who needs foliage filters when you can just go out to your backyard and get the real thing.

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