New York Man Charged 25 Cents For Being A Smart-Ass

Photo: Steve Gorton and Karl Shone (Getty)

And Uncle Sam took home an extra two cents because of it.

According to UPI, a Rochester man recently did some shopping at an unnamed business and was stunned to find out he had been charged an extra 25 cents for being a smart-ass.

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Brian C. Jackson bought four miscellaneous items from the store on June 10 but didn’t realize until he looked at the receipt later that he also paid a quarter for a “Smartass Charge.” That charge was then taxed two cents, meaning Jackson actually had to fork over a total of 27 cents for being himself.

“Apparently I was a Smartass today, it’s a small price to pay,” Jackson wrote on Reddit.

It was a good thing the cashier didn’t think he was something worse like an asshole. I mean, then things might have gotten expensive.


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