Woman Arrested After Beating Her Farting Husband

Photo: Getty

Getting popped for giving your wife a Dutch oven is understandable, but receiving a beating that damn near leaves you unconscious for dropping ass while you sleep is beyond ridiculous.

According to Abel Abel, a woman in Zimbabwe was recently arrested and charged with domestic battery after she “punished” her husband for farting in bed by beating him to the point that he almost lost consciousness.

woman beats husband for farting
Fikile Nyamane told authorities that his wife Nompumelelo started with a hard elbow to his face the first time he passed gas while he was asleep in their bed. Naturally, he immediately woke up and asked his wife what the hell that was for, and she told him it was because of his “persistent farting.”

Unfortunately, the beating didn’t stop when Fikile closed his eyes for a second time, as his wife sat on top of him and unleashed a combination of punching and scratching. Even as Fikile fell out of the bed, he said his wife continued to hammer away on him. She even used pepper spray on him when he tried to restrain her.

And that begs the question, “Just what in the hell did Fikile eat?”

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