Georgia Man Gets Naked And Urinates On Waffle House Door

Photo: Raymond Boyd (Getty)

Check, please.

According to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, customers at a Sandy Springs Waffle House trying to enjoy their Texas Bacon Cheesesteak Melts probably didn’t finish them after a 36-year-old naked man trying to get inside the “restaurant” decided to urinate on the door.

Thankfully, a customer named Derwin Rodgers decided to record Pissgate on his phone and began broadcasting it live on Facebook because he didn’t know what Bashir Rasheed was going to do next. Rodgers said Rasheed was complaining that he was hot and “burning up.”

“Apparently he was,” Rodgers added. “It must have been Death Valley out here. He was butt-naked. That was totally inappropriate. I wouldn’t know how to tell my kid what was going on at that time, to see a grown man. He was built like a potato.”

When police arrived on the scene, they said Rasheed was only coherent enough to know he was at a Waffle House. He couldn’t give police a reason for being naked as a jaybird, but he did grab himself and start pissing again for good measure.

Rasheed was arrested and charged with indecency, and we’ll assume dessert sales around the time of the incident were an all-time low.

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