Guy Sends White House Picture Of His Penis After Getting 50 Retweets On Twitter

When the folks behind Twitter created it, I highly doubt they thought their billion dollar idea would be used for things like this, but unfortunately for them it is. While stories of high schoolers using Twitter to get dates with cheerleaders are nice, this story involves a penis, the White House and some retweets.

Twitter user Dan Chovy told his 4,000 plus followers that he would send a picture of his dick to President Obama (perhaps a farewell gift?) if he got 50 retweets. And not just any dick pic — but a picture of his junk inserted into a decorative wine bottle holder.

Dan got a hell of a lot more retweets than he asked for, so of course he did as he said he would.

And if you needed further proof well here it is:

Shockingly, Obama has yet to respond:

In conclusion: please don’t buy any decorative chef wine bottle holder you see on Craigslist today.

h/t The LAD Bible

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