British Man’s Passport Photo Makes Him Look Like Adolf Hitler

Photo: Alina555 (Getty)

A trip to Jerusalem is out of the question for one poor bastard in England right now.

According to BBC News, a 49-year-old Salford man is “completely horrified” after noticing that his passport photo makes him look like former German dictator and asshole Adolf Hitler.

British Man’s Passport Photo Makes Him Look Like Adolf Hitler

Stuart Boyd said he was reviewing his passport in preparation for a July trip to celebrate his 50th birthday when he noticed his unfortunate resemblance to Hitler. Terrified by what he saw, Boyd decided to reach out to the Passport Office.

“One of the managers said she didn’t know how it had happened but she was very apologetic and obviously asked me to return the offending passport,” Boyd said.

A spokesperson for the Passport Office said Boyd would be issued a new document free of charge, which is nice.

To be fair, the above picture reveals that especially with that haircut he’s sporting these days, Stuart Boyd already looks like a clean-shaven version of the former Nazi dictator, but the stamp or map in the background that essentially gave him a “Hitler stache” sure as shit didn’t do him any favors.

For his sake, let’s hope Boyd is the exact opposite of Hitler below the belt: Adolf Hitler Had ‘Tiny Deformed Penis,’ Historians Claim