These Tags Will Help You Find the Stuff You’re Always Losing

There’s a whole lot goin’ on in that big ol’ brain of yours. At any moment there is a continuous slide show running in your frontal lobe featuring last week’s expense report, an ongoing list of chores for the weekend, and a circus of information you’re afraid to share in public. Whatever plagues your noggin, you’ve spent most of your day blissfully unaware that your phone charger has found a new location in a spot unbeknownst to you. Don’t beat yourself up at a time like this. Instead, get the World’s Smallest Loss Prevention Device to stick on your most prized possessions.

These water-resistant Mu Tag tabs attach to anything you need guarded with just a little help from some attached 3M adhesive. Forget something? The Informu app will let you know when you’ve left your bounty behind using an adjustable Bluetooth range. The best part? This package comes with four tags, so even if you’re less than stellar at keeping up with all your wires and whatnot, there are four opportunities to redeem yourself from having to tell your partner that THIS is the time their earbuds are lost for good.

You could listen to us (the smartest people we know), or you could take shopping advice from the 1,360 backers on Kickstarter who pledged $106,730 in favor of Mu Tags to ensure they can always find their computers, glasses, bags, and cars (yes, you can stick one of these on your bumper).

See what BBC, HuffPost, Mashable, and Digital Trends are raving about. The Mu Tag™: World’s Smallest Loss Prevention Device comes in a 4-pack and includes a charger, fob, holder, and user manual. It usually runs for $34, but you can get it now for $26.99, or 20% off.

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