Impress All the TikTok Influencers With Your Own Galaxy Projector

When you think about the universe as a whole, there’s a lot of weird science we are not ready to hear about (much of it having something to do with Elon Musk). Without getting too existential, there may be some other lifeforms out there watching the final installment of the interstellar hit series Earth 2020, but we’re happy to be neatly tucked away under the stars, watching the world go by, hoping that the hell laid out for us by the new decade will give us a damn break. That said, the evenings are frigid, and going outside sounds like a nightmare. You could bundle up and brave the cold to search for the Big Dipper, or you could just grab a drink, head to any room in the house, and flick on The Sky Lite Laser Galaxy Projector for some out of this world stress relief.

What’s the bright idea? This light encapsulates everything you’re looking for in a nightscape without having to put on your longjohns. The light swivels so it always feels like you’re part of the moving milky way on any wall or ceiling. Need a new aesthetic? No sweat: this drifting blue nebula cloud background is perfect for any room looking for some spice. Multiple brightness settings and effects allow you to make your own magic for up to six hours, which is more than enough time to count those sheep and pull right into snooze town.

More than just a way to make the same four walls you’ve been staring at for nine months look much more exciting, these laser beams are also your ticket to being young and hip again, since apparently galaxy projectors, including the Sky Lite, are a whole thing on TikTok.

The Sky Lite Laser Galaxy Projector, which includes a 120V AC power adapter and a user manual, can be yours for $59.99.

Prices subject to change.

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