Start the Holiday Season Off Right With Ultimate Organization Using This 14-Key Holder

With 2020 coming to a close, it’s time we take inventory of that New Year’s resolution progression. Dropping 10 pounds? Probably didn’t happen. Get back out there after your Great Breakup of ’19? Nope. Well, forget all that. As the late great Aaliyah once said, “You can dust it off and try again.” But maybe lower the bar this year? Let’s try: stop losing your keys.

If you’re a chronic loser, turn that frown upside down with the KeySmart Max key organizer. It holds up to 14 keys and has Tile™ tracking to help locate your holder should you misplace it; you can also make it audibly alert you to its location so you can snag it from inside the pocket of your jeans that are at the bottom of the hamper. Even if you don’t use the Bluetooth and Tile function when on the hunt, the sleek steel jacket KewSmart wears makes it a hell of a lot easier to find around the house than the average key. Also handy? A built-in LED flashlight for sneaking into your house hours after you told your partner you’d be home. No need to worry about battery life, you’ll have a charge on this sucker for up to 60 days. Losing your keys using the KeySmart Max Key Holder is virtually impossible, even for the permanently scatterbrained.

The KeySmart Max Key Holder, which also includes a 2-in-1 multi-tool attachment so you can open anyone’s beer for them like the gentleman you are, assembly tool, and micro-USB charging cable, usually runs for $119 and is normally discounted to $89.99, but it’s on super sale for a limited time only. Grab one to ring in the new you for the new year at $71.99 using code HOLIDAY20 at checkout.

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