Make Sure No One Swipes Your Stuff With This Package Lockbox

The holidays are among us, and it’s clear that in-store shopping is not a good idea. But maybe put your existential crisis on hold so you can order what you need online, whether that’s presents for your parents or groceries for your gorging. Worried about porch pirates taking a 5-finger discount on that package of lounge pants for your dog while you’re taking your fifth nap of the day? Keep your mail, groceries, and meal kits out of the hands of freeloaders when you and your delivery driver use the DeliverySafe Lockable Insulated Box to stash all of your stocking-stuffers until you’re able to snag them safely.

This lockbox is ready for anything that comes to your doorstep. Getting perishable oddball produce delivered? Cue in the insulated interior. Got a tall order coming, both literally and figuratively? Plenty of room for even the most extensive deliveries. Just want to make sure the rain doesn’t rain on your parcel parade? Bam, waterproof lining springs into action. All orders big and small will land safe and securely when delivery drivers pin the easy to remember, all important 4-15 digit code of your choice (if you don’t pick your partner’s birthday, we surmise you have bigger problems than stolen packages). You can share your code with trusted neighbors, friends, and family members too if you need a hand with something or want to, say, lend someone a book while staying socially distanced. It even has an audible alarm in case some punks try to mess with it (kids these days).

If you’re at least 18, grab the DeliverySafe Lockable Insulated Box for $449.99 (Reg. $499). That’s a 10% discount and sound peace of mind that no one is going to swipe those precious packages.

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