Everything You Need to Take a Hit On the Go in One Pocket-Sized Tool

Looking to relieve some stress? You could choose to exercise, or you could go for some binging the ‘flix. But if you’re still relying on a vice (no judgment here), and that vice is tobacco, this Allin1E Tobacco Smoking Tool could be the perfect in-pocket accessory to get you through whatever is left of this craptacular year and beyond.

The Allin1E is like a one-stop shop for those who inhale. Inside the small storage case, you’ll find a space perfectly sized for a Bic lighter, a quartz glass one-hitter pipe, and a stainless steel cleaning poker. That already covers a lot of bases, but for its next trick, you’ll find a two-piece grinder that twists directly into a 2-gram tobacco storage chamber on the opposite end.

By switching to this smoking method, not only can you ditch those crumpled, half-empty packs that are lying all around your apartment and car, but you can also make it a heck of a lot easier to get your fix wherever you are while both disturbing fewer people around you and saving money on cartons at the store. Decreasing the amount of who-knows-what in your mass-produced smokes and going for the loose tobacco of your choice probably has its benefits, too. And if we ever get to go to concerts and movies again, this will come in handy for snagging that last hit before entering the smoke-free venue (no need to stash a seriously gross half-smoked cigarette in your pack again).

Of course, we want everyone to enjoy this 21-and-older-only tobacco product safely, for various reasons. Some state laws are changing in regard to tobacco sales, too, so it’s kinda important.

The Allin1E Tobacco Smoking Tool usually runs for $59, but you’ll get it for $30.99, that’s a 48% discount.  That’s a small price to pay if you’re a smoker on the move.

Prices subject to change.

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