These 5 Essentials Will Keep Germs Away, In the Copper Way

If you feel like all you’re hearing about lately is copper-infused masks, phone cases, and other stuff, you’re not losing it. Copper is trending in good ol’ 2020 thanks to its naturally anti-pathogenic germ-killing powers. Scope out these copper-infused essentials you’ll want to add to your pandemic playbook ASAP.

Copper.Ion Mask

What would a roundup of COVID-related items be without a face mask? The GRID mask is made with copper-ion infused nylon and 5-layer filter technology to keep you extra-safe from germs. It even has adjustable earloops so it’s easier to get a good fit, which is half the point of a mask anyway.

Buy now: Get the Copper Ion Mask for $19.99, or 20% off the retail price of $25

Aeris Copper Germ-Killing Case for iPhone

It’s easy to forget that you need to disinfect every inch of your disgusting phone every day. But Aeris has got you, with this phone case that’s made of pure copper with natural germ-killing abilities. This basically means you need only the occasional wipe, as long as you have this case.

Buy now: Get the Aeris Copper Case for $39

100% Copper-Based Handkerchief

Why do you need a copper-based handkerchief? To protect you from touching those sketchy surfaces in public spaces with your bare hands. With two loops for your finger and thumb, a folding flick center point and a touchscreen finger pocket, this little guy will make sure you and nasty germs stay far away from each other.

Buy now: Get the Copper-Based Handkerchief for $28.99, or 17% off the retail price of $34

RFID Antimicrobial Copper Wallet

A copper wallet? Sure, why not. This super-slim accessory may not look like something you can just throw in your pocket while heading out, but here’s news: You actually can! The germ-fighting wallet holds up to 12 cards and comes with a clip where you can stash your money. It protects your card info, too, thanks to RFID blocking that keeps those thieving bastards locked out.

Buy now: Get the RFID Antimicrobial Copper Wallet for $39.99, or 52% off the retail price of $85

100% Copper-Based Pouch Glove

Another cool copper product you can cop is this pouch glove that kills germs and keeps you from making contact with door handles, elevator buttons, and other nasty breeding grounds. The best part about this glove? It’s touchscreen compatible, so you can use your gadgets while you have it on.

Buy now: Get the Copper-based Pouch Glove for $36.99, or 26% off the retail price of $49

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