Enjoy a Theater Viewing Experience at Home With This Pocket-Sized Projector That’s 60% Off

TL; DR: Transform your space into a movie theater with the Lenso Cube 1080p Pocket Projector, at a 61% savings.

Most of us miss going to the movies, and the longer the pandemic keeps us from the theater, the clearer it becomes that we were absolutely robbed this year—robbed of the thrill of sharing a big screen with fellow wide-eyed moviegoers and the refreshed feeling you get after stepping out of the theater.

While we actually do look forward to sticky floors and a ridiculously large soda and popcorn, why not recreate the movie theater experience with the Lenso Cube in the meantime?

Bulky projectors are so five years ago. Go minimalist instead. The Lenso Cube maybe just 2-inches big, but it’ll play your music in stunning clarity and display videos in perfect 1080p HD quality. It connects wirelessly to any device via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth and can be connected with an HDMI or USB cable as well. The Lenso Cube features a touch control panel, a 2-hour battery life, and compatibility with over 3,600 apps and supports AirPlay and screen mirroring. Your options are almost endless.

This pocket projector was featured on Gadget Flow, Geeky Gadgets, Noova, and Dig It, and it’s getting featured here, too, because you can use it anywhere at all, giving you a whole new way to entertain yourself over what’s sure to be a long fall and winter.

You can get the Lenso Cube for $309.99, a 61% discount on the retail price of $799. It’s a whole new viewing experience, right in your pocket.

Prices subject to change.

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