Teach Yourself Guitar From Home With the DIY Jamstik Trainer

TL; DR: Learn to play the guitar in no time with the Jamstik Guitar Trainer while it’s on sale for $199, a 13% savings on the retail price of $229.

Adulting: When you realize everything is expensive and you can’t throw money around like you used to. Adulting: Also when you realize which of your interests truly inspires you, and you actually prioritize them. If learning to play the guitar is one of your passions, but your budget doesn’t seem to care, you’ll love this DIY method that doesn’t involve pricey private lessons.

Teach yourself how to play with help from the Jamstik Guitar Trainer. This music instruction gadget features a number of programs that make playing the guitar look and feel super easy. Start now, and you’ll be strumming like a pro in no time.

This new 2020 edition comes with an updated tactile D-pad, a matte finish, and spring-loaded strings that feel like an actual guitar. It also has an easy to use system that lets you see your fingers on-screen in real time—it’ll have you playing your first guitar chords in just a few minutes.

The Jamstik is just over 18″ long, so you can take it anywhere and boost your skills while on the go. Your inner Ed Sheeran or Hayley Williams is waiting, and this gadget will get you on your way.

Get the guitar lessons you’ve been thinking about without actually paying for guitar lessons. The Jamstik Guitar Trainer is available for a limited time for $199.

Prices subject to change.

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