Unleash Your Inner Magician With This Kickstarter-Funded Kit That Teaches You to Read Minds

TL; DR: Learn to read minds with the How To Read Minds Kit, available for $99, a 16% discount.

Being able to read minds would be the coolest skill to have. That’s right: We said “skill.” Because reading minds might be kind of magical, but it can also be learned, thanks to the How To Read Minds Kit. This set includes over 20 techniques in mentalism, which’ll leave you ready to impress everyone with your new talents.

Want to find out the unlock code to a friend’s phone? Reveal a word they’re thinking of? Or – if we’re getting more serious – see inside their mind and pull out a thought? This kit will show you how. You can even find out how to predict someone’s choices before they make them, draw an object someone drew secretly, find out their 4-digit card pin (!) and a ton of other cool tricks that would make David Blaine proud.

The mind-reading kit comes complete with 14 special items like a custom credit card, wallet, notepad and more. These little helpers will make your new skills even more fun.

The Kickstarter-funded How To Read Minds Kit is normally $119, but you can snap it up today for $99, a savings of 16%.

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