The Infinity Gauntlet Was Out of Your Price Range Until This $11 Bottle Opener Came Along

TL; DR: Snap the covers off your favorite drinks Thanos-style with this bottle opener for $10.99

Looking for the perfect gift for your Marvel-obsessed pal? Or are you just in search of a cool new addition to your Avengers collection? Sure, you may have all the superhero figures and enough merch to last a lifetime in two parallel universes, but do you have the most important accessory of all: The Infinity Gauntlet? OK, maybe you’ve got one, but does it open up your beers with just a snap? Probably not.

Thanos wasn’t the best guy, but you’ve got to admit he was pretty badass. If you want to channel that badassery (without wiping away half of the population), the Thanos Bottle Opener is just the thing. Not even Thanos was able to keep all the Infinity Stones in the end, but with this Gauntlet-themed opener, you won’t just keep them—you also get to crack open a cold one and chill while you’re at it.

The opener has an electroplated retro copper color that makes it look like something made by Eitri himself. To use the tool, all you have to do is hold the fist to capture the top of the bottle or can, hold the bottle opener as well, and pop off the cap with zero stress. It’s perfect for BBQs, camping trips, or your next Marvel-themed party. If you still can’t stand Thanos’s guts, you can get the bottle opener as Thor’s hammer in silver or bronze. Either way, it makes a great collector’s item.

A lot of people sacrificed their lives for the Infinity Stones, but you can get this version for a lot less. Get the Thanos Bottle Opener for $10.99, a 26% savings. Like Thanos said, “Fun isn’t something one considers when balancing the universe. But this (bottle opener) … does put a smile on my face.”

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