No Ping-Pong Table? No Problem! This Kit Lets You Play Anywhere

TL; DR: Turn any surface to a ping-pong table with the Home Portable Table Tennis Set for $42.99.

Skip the doom scrolling and distract yourself from reality with some physical activity. Convert any flat surface into a ping-pong table with this under $50 kit and clear your mind with socially distant fun.

Thanks to this Home Portable Table Tennis Set from GearPride, you can set up a game basically anywhere and have the best time. Not everyone has space in their apartment for a giant, clumsy ping-pong table, but that doesn’t mean you can’t score a sweet volley. This set includes a net that fits on almost any flat surface — we’re talking coffee table, work desk, or kitchen table — and turns it into a tennis table.

The retractable net has a spring clip system that makes it super easy to set up, and it’s legit enough to make any die-hard table tennis fan happy. It expands up to 72 inches, so you can even take it outside. Clip it on the surface of your choice and get ready to show off your inner Forrest Gump.

Have we said anything about the rackets yet? They’re made with several layers of wood, so you don’t have to think twice about giving your hardest slam. Don’t worry about breaking the net either — it’s a heavy-duty nylon mesh with high density and strong pull resistance. With three sturdy ping-pong balls included, you know you’ve got yourself the full package.

You can get this tournament-worthy set at a 13% discount for a limited time. It originally retails for $49, but it’s down to just $42.99 here.

Prices subject to change.