Save Up To 85% On These 20 Charging Cables, Battery Packs, and Wireless Chargers

This may not be the best time to go on a trip for the long weekend, but if you’ve made alternative plans to explore your city, go on a socially distant picnic, or do something outdoorsy with your pals, one thing you can’t be caught leaving the house without is a mask—and a fully charged phone. Check out these 20 cables, power banks, wireless chargers, and more gadgets to keep your devices powered up this Labor Day weekend.

Urban Warrior Wireless Charging Box

Too many rechargeable gadgets, too few spots to charge them. And no one likes jumbled up charging cables. You can get a cord-free charging experience with The Urban Warrior Wireless Charging Box. All you have to do is place the back of your phone on the surface of the charging toolbox while it’s plugged into a power source, and you’re good to go! The box even features an LED flashlight that’s perfect for any nighttime activities.

Buy now: Get the Urban Warrior Wireless Charging Box for $58, or 10% off the retail price of $65

PLUGiES MagTech Cable

If you happen to be stuck in the dark with a dead phone, this charging cable has a magnetic head that snaps right into the USB port, once you hold your device near it. The durable cable has a 6.6-foot long cord that lets you use the phone while it charges from a distance and fast power transfer speeds.

Buy now: Get the PLUGiES MagTech Cable for $11.99, or 70% off the retail price of $39

SuperMini 10,000mAh Charger + USB-C to Lightning Cable

A portable charger that can power up your phone for 2 to 3 days doesn’t have to be large and clumsy. The SuperMini charger is proof that a 10,000mAh charger can be as small as a credit card. Charge your devices in no time with the X-Charge mode on the charger and the included super-strong braided nylon cable.

Buy now: Get the SuperMini Charger and Lightning Cable for $57.99, or 49% off the retail price of $114

LOFT Battery Base for Google Home

The Google Home device is amazing and stuff, but it’s pretty annoying that it has to stay plugged in to work. With the LOFT Battery Base, you can slide your Google Home in and get up to eight hours of cordless freedom. CNET’s review says the battery base has a 10-hour battery life, which is a lot more than the company’s claims. Either way, we were already sold on the 4.4/5 star Amazon rating.

Buy now: Get the LOFT Battery Base for $16.99, or 65% off the retail price of $49

Zendure A8PD 26,800mAh 5-Port Power Bank

Most power banks can only charge one phone, two, at most. But with the Zendure power bank, you can power up to five devices, including your MacBook and Nintendo Switch. With a 26,800mAh capacity, this is basically the power bank your existing power bank wants to be when it grows up.

Buy now: Get the Zendure A8PD 5-Port power bank for $89.99, or 40% off the retail price of $149

3.3Ft Supercord 3-in-1 Charging Cable

This charging cable is made from a soft and flexible material that saves you from the mess of a tangled cord. It has interchangeable connectors, so you can charge any device at all. It’s 3.3 feet long, too, so you don’t have to sit in that uncomfortable position beside the charging outlet.

Buy now: Get the Supercord for $19.99, or 45% off the retail price of $36

NTONPOWER 167Wh, 45kmAh Portable Power Station

This charging station has a 4.5/5 star rating on Amazon, and that’s because it can charge your iPhone up to 15 times, camera up to 25 times, Kindle up to 10 times, and MacBook Pro 13″ up to 3 times. It also has a built-in AC outlet for charging laptops and a DC port for your electric car. How is that even possible? Well, it’s got a 45,000mAh battery, so it’s basically a small generator. Great for the outdoors.

Buy now: Get the NTONPOWER Portable Power Station for $139.99

AirZeus 3-in-1 Wireless Charging Pad

This wireless charger packs enough juice to charge your smartphone, smartwatch, and wireless earbuds at the same time, and at lightning-fast speed. The sleek design makes it a perfect addition to any space too, so you can leave it out on your desk, nightstand, counter, or anywhere else that’s convenient for you.

Buy now: The AirZeus originally retails for $99 and was on sale for $39.99, but thanks to a limited-time price drop, you can grab it for $32.99, a savings of 66%

Portable Keychain Apple Watch Charger

Keep your Apple Watch charged to the max with this mini charger that gives you a fast wireless charging speed in less than 2.5 hours. Just plug the charger to your laptop or device with a USB port, put your watch on top of it, and you’re all set! The charger is so small you can fit it in your pocket with ease or connect it to your keys.

Buy now: Get the Portable Apple Watch Charger for $16.99, or 43% off the retail price of $29

Crave 10W Wireless Charging Stand

Wireless charging is everywhere now, but when selecting a good cord-free device for home, you should look out for great power output, vertical and horizontal adjustability, and pleasing design. The Crave Wireless Stand has all of this and more, and it’ll save you from the limits of a charging cable.

Buy now: Get the Crave 10W Wireless Charging Stand for $24.99, or 37% off the retail price of $39

Wireless Charger for Apple AirPods and Phones

Here’s another wireless charger that works not just for your phone, but for your AirPods too. It’s got a slot the size of your AirPod case, so you just need to pop in the case to have it charged. Thanks to an 8mm induction distance, your phone can charge even with the indentation. The charger also has a pure copper coil that charges fast without damaging your battery, and temperature control that keeps your device from overheating while charging.

Buy now: Get the Wireless Charger for Apple AirPods + Phones for $16.99, or 66% off the retail price of $49

RAVPower Dual Port Power Bank

This 4.9 star-rated power bank takes no time to power up your phone, and it lasts for days. User Michelle agrees: “It delivers a good charge with tablets, phones, and iPods. The battery pack stays cool during use, even on unbearable hot days.” With the 20,000mAh battery power on the RAVPower, we can surely believe it.

Buy now: Get the RAVPower for $24.99, or 32% off the retail price of $36

Naztech Fast Multi-Port Wall Charger

This charger has 2 AC outlets and 4 USB ports that charge up to six devices at once via a wall outlet. Naztech’s wall charger also has a built-in OmniProtect safety feature to protect your devices from short circuit and overcharge, and it has IntelliQ Smart Chips to charge your devices with just the right power flow.

Buy now: Get the Naztech Multi-Port Wall Charger for $29.99, or 25% off the retail price of $39

Naztech Ultimate Power Station

Here’s another winner from Naztech: a power station with a wireless charger, five USB charging hubs, and a compact portable battery. You can charge up to six devices with 50 watts of fast charging power, all from a single AC wall outlet.

Buy now: Get the Naztech Ultimate Power Station for $49.99, or 16% off the retail price of $59

OMNIA Q2 True Wireless 2+1 Fast Charging Stand

This charging stand powers all your devices with a Qi wireless charging function, and it has a magnetic stand for your Apple Watch. It’s completely safe for use with the overheating protection feature, and it charges your iPhone or Android in no time.

Buy now: Get the OMNIA Q2 for $75.95, or 14% off the retail price of $89

ECO Recharge Rechargeable Batteries

Regular batteries don’t just run out quickly, they’re also really bad for the environment. This 4-pack of rechargeable batteries is more than enough for all your battery-powered gadgets. They never overcharge, and they work the same as standard AA and AAA batteries. When you run out of juice, just recharge them with the included USB cable and use ’em again. Like Scott, a verified buyer, says, “They’re great batteries and it’s nice not having to use a clunky charging station.”

Buy now: Get the ECO Recharge Batteries for $15.99, or 67% off the retail price of $49

CASA Hub Pro 11-in-1 Charging Transmission Hub

This charging hub has 11 ports, so you can power up your laptop and other gadgets and even transfer data to external devices. It also has a screen that supports mirror display, and it’s designed to hold your laptop at an angle that improves typing comfort and heat reduction all at once.

Buy now: Get the CASA Hub Pro for $140.99, or 21% off the retail price of $179

JOT Battery Base for Google Home Mini

Here’s another battery base option for your Google Home. The JOT has a 5,000mAh battery that lets you use your Google Home for up to eight hours without plugging it in. One buyer, Leo, calls this a good product, and we definitely agree. “I like the ability to move around without losing connection,” he says. “Not needing to be hard wired all the time is a really great asset.”

Buy now: Get the JOT Battery Base for $16.99, or 51% off the retail price of $34

SURGE DUO Charging Station

The SURGE DUO has two outlets and two USB ports to keep your devices powered up and your space from being cluttered up. The USB ports have built-in SmartCharge which automatically detects your device and gives the best charging output. It comes in a sleek design, and it has an LED light to let you know that it’s working perfectly.

Buy now: Get the SURGE DUO for $18.99, or 62% off the retail price of $49

NAZTECH 20,000mAh Power Bank

We’re ending this collection with a big one: a 20,000mAh power bank that charges up to three devices at the same time. The Naztech power bank charges four times faster than standard chargers, and the USB-C PD port supports up to 18 watts of high-voltage charging power.

Buy now: Get the Naztech power bank for $59.99, or 33% off the retail price of $89

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