That New Language You Said You Were Gonna Learn? Actually Do It With Busuu

TL; DR: Get a two-year subscription to the Busuu Language Learning app at a 64% discount.

Remember the early days of quarantine? There was so much time, the possibilities for self-improvement seemed endless, and you swore you were going to work on something. No, not just something but a new language. The one you didn’t quite know when you took that awesome trip but promised you’d have learned before returning to your new fave city abroad.

If, like so many of us, you buried plans to brush up on your language skills under a pile of Netflix shows, it’s totally understandable. But you can still learn to communicate like a local, and be truly prepared for your next vacation beyond the border, with Busuu.

The world’s largest community for language learning is offering you an opportunity to master over 12 different languages, along with about 100 million other users worldwide. Busuu was named Google Play Store’s Editors’ Choice as well as App of the Year on the App Store, and that’s because of its many cool features.

The app gives you over 1,000 lessons created by pro linguists, and it features machine learning tech like personalized study plans and speech recognition. Busuu also connects you with native speakers around the world so you can really practice plus get feedback on your skills. You’re not just reading sentences, you’re also learning to say them correctly, accent and everything.

Premium Plus also hooks you up with advanced grammar lessons, a pass to study in offline mode, and an adaptive vocabulary trainer. When you finally learn that language, you’ll even get a McGraw-Hill Education certification—and full bragging rights to boot!

A two-year Premium Plus subscription to the Busuu Language Learning app originally costs $450, but you can learn Spanish, German, French, Chinese, and a lot more for $159.99, a 64% discount that’s too good to pass up. The BBC calls this app “quicker, smarter and better” than most, and we can’t really argue with that.

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