Socially Awkward From Social Distancing? This Card Game Will Help You Get Back Out There

Social distancing has made many of us feel detached and kind of … weird … about getting back out there. If you can barely remember what it’s like to hang in person, you’ll want to snap up this card game ASAP. Fluster will help you and your crew get back into the swing of things — minus all the socially awkward silences. It’s easy, it’s fun, and it’s under $25 for a limited time.

What’s the deal with Fluster? Basically, it’s a deck of cards full of unusual questions meant to make players reveal the hilarious, weird, and embarrassing stories they may or may not have told before. There’s some deeper, thought-provoking stuff in there too, as well as special cards that open the question to the group or flip the script on the asker.

Fluster isn’t just an amazing way to bond (or re-bond) with your friends, it also works great as an ice breaker among strangers. It’ll spark great conversations, even in mixed company, that won’t feel forced (making it perfect for company retreats and team-building exercises, too). Fluster offers a few variations on play as well, so you’ll have a bunch of options to choose from that suit your group best.

This social card game is available now for $24.99, a savings of 28%.

Prices subject to change.

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