Lost Your Keys Again? This 3-in-1 Solution Helps You Find Them & Keep Them Germ Free

If you’re the type who’s always looking for that last thing you lost track of — keys, phone, sunglasses, beer — this smart device can help, at least with that first one. All together in one brilliant bundle you’ll get solutions to help you find your keys and keep them (plus a bunch of other stuff) free of germs.

With the KeySmart Pro, you can ditch that, “Oh crap where are my keys?” feeling for good. This device holds up to 10 keys in one portable sleeve, and you can connect it to your phone to help you find ’em on a map when they get lost. It also rings your phone when you can’t find it — even when it’s on silent. The KeySmart also comes with an LED light and a bottle opener, and it supports USB charging. Guess it’s an overachiever.

The bundle includes a UV Light Sterilization Case from CleanTray to help you ditch that pandemic panic by disinfecting your keys in just 5 minutes. You can even pop your phone, jewelry, glasses, watch, earbuds, or whatever else into the case to get them fresh, too!

Know what else you can ditch? That visceral “eww” reaction when you need to touch something out there in the world. The bundle’s antimicrobial brass hand tool lets you open doors, press buttons, and pull levers without contacting them with your bare hands. It’s made from copper alloy, which boasts germ-fighting properties to boot.

This triple threat bundle is essential right now, and you can snap it up for $129.99, a 21% discount from the retail price of $165.

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