Stay Productive While You’re Stuck at Home With This 3-App Bundle

Whether you’re sick of living the new normal or even hearing the phrase “new normal,” looks like you’re stuck with it for a while. Take advantage of extra time and cool tech that will help you prepare for whatever comes next and protect your privacy while doing so.

The Social Distancing Subscription Bundle gives you lifetime access to three apps that can help you do just that. It contains everything you need to sharpen your knowledge of what’s what on almost any subject you can think about, pick up a new language in no time, as well as improve your online privacy situation wherever you go.

The Premium Micro Book Library (a $346.50 value)

The social distancing bundle comes with a micro book library that gives you access to hundreds of books that you can go through in just 12 minutes each. You also get 30 new titles each month on everything from self-help to finance, relationships to productivity. You can even send the books to your Kindle account or read them offline. Now there’s no excuse for not being able to get through a damn book.

Rosetta Stone Unlimited Access (a $299 value)

Americans may be pretty much banned from traveling to most countries right now, but instead of crying into your capsule wardrobe, you could learn a new language and be ready to hit the streets like a local when the time is right.

With lifetime access to 24 languages on Rosetta Stone you’ll be good to go almost anywhere. This app uses speech-recognition technology, so you’re not just learning vocabulary, you’re also learning how to say words and phrases in a natural way. You can start by brushing up on basic conversation skills before you move on to the big stuff like translating full-length articles. The Wall Street Journal called Rosetta Stone the next best thing to living in a country, so you can be this app is legit.

KeepSolid VPN Unlimited (a $199 value)

While you’re getting your online learning groove on, you’ll want to be doing it safely. Protect your privacy and security online with Unlimited VPN from KeepSolid. KeepSolid, voted as one of the Top VPN services worldwide by PC Mag, keeps hackers away from your data and removes restrictions on certain websites, while allowing you to enjoy full browsing speed at the same time. The lifetime subscription to this service lets you join 10 million users all over the world in gaining access to 400+ VPN servers and streaming servers for HBO Now, Hulu, ESPN+, and Netflix US. That’s right: Watch what you want, when you want, from anywhere. Can’t beat that.

Together, these apps have a total value of $844, but you can get the entire Social Distancing Bundle at a 76% discount for $199.

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