Get the Film School Experience For Just $29 With This 3-Course Masterclass

TL; DR: A lifetime subscription to the Film and Cinematography Mastery Bundle, available at a 95% discount.

Each time the Coen brothers and Roger Deakins come together to make a movie, you know you’re about to witness big-screen magic. Damn, imagine having a bit of Coen-level genius in you, as well as some of Deakins’ talent? You’d truly be unstoppable.

Gather ’round cinephiles, we have good news: It’s totally possible to become a badass director and cinematographer, thanks to the Film and Cinematography Mastery Bundle. This 3-course masterclass has everything you need to write, direct, and shoot the next cinematic masterpiece, and it’s 95% off.

These 3 courses contain lessons on Video Production, Cinematography, Screenplay Writing, Directing, Film Distribution, and everything in between. You’ll even explore how to get a job as a cinematographer or videographer and start making some cold hard cash off your newfound pro-level skills. It’s like years of film school packed into a way cheaper and more accessible package.

With lifetime access to these courses, you’re free to learn at whatever pace you’re comfortable with, and expert instructors are always on hand to guide you if the lessons start to get tough.

The Film and Cinematography Mastery Bundle is your best shot at becoming the next Scorsese, so why not give it a whirl? It’s not like you have something better to do this summer. It has a total value of $597, but you can get it for just $29 while it’s on sale.

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