Holy Doppelgänger, Batman! Great Dane Garners Internet Fame Because of Superhero Resemblance

They say dogs and their owners often resemble one another. If that were true in this case, it would be doubly awesome. Instead, a Great Dane from Quebec City, Quebec, has garnered a massive social media following because he looks like none other than…Batman.

The Canadian canine’s name is Enzo and he boasts an astounding 37.8K followers on Instagram. At an impressive 150 pounds, the furball isn’t too far off from the Dark Knight’s size. He has the signature black coat, pointy ears, and a very serious yet wise mug. All that’s missing is the cape.

Most of his account’s photos feature the imposing pooch staring off into the distance, as if scanning the horizon for someone to save from danger.


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While Great Danes can be skittish, “Enzo’s more brave and courageous,” Danny Lemay, Enzo’s owner, told The Dodo. “He likes to impose himself, bark very loudly and guard the house.”

But the dog also has a sweet, cuddly side, which has become more and more important as his celebrity status skyrockets. Now, when Enzo and Lemay head out for walks, they’re frequently stopped for snaps and snuggles.

Maybe Hollywood will take a clue from this pup’s star turn on the internet and cast him in the next Batman film. We’ve all had enough of the tall, dark, and handsome dudes playing the Caped Crusader. It’s time to fill the role with a fresh – and furry – face.

Cover Photo: @enzo.greatdane (Instagram)

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