Cheers to It: Our 15 Favorite Twitter Burns For Kirstie Alley’s Trump-Supporting Tweet

Today on Celebrities Who Shouldn’t Be on Twitter, we welcome Kirstie Alley!

“Who?” you ask. It’s OK. She was before your time. The actress starred on one memorable series (Cheers) and in one good movie (Look Who’s Talking). Beyond that, she’s a has-been, a B-list celeb (and that’s being generous).

But yesterday, Alley was trending as if she were actually relevant. For someone who peaked decades before social media was a thing, this was rather impressive. Unfortunately, her name was on everyone’s fingertips for all the wrong reasons. Namely: she came out as a Trump supporter.

Twitter came after the actress with pitchforks raised and gave her a crash course in online hatred, something she’s never experienced before because why would anyone give AF what she tweets? The e-vitriol hasn’t slowed her down, though; in fact, the backlash only urged her on, and she’s continued tweeting about her political love for Trump – and her new podcast, Kirstie Alley: On the Verge. We’ve saved you scrolling through the mud-slinging by rounding up the 15 best Twitter burns.

Cover Photo: CBS

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