10 Pathetic TV Shows That Suddenly Look Pretty Tempting in This Streaming Drought 

We’re immediately drawn to certain types of television shows: the “based on a series of novels” fantasies, politically-incorrect cartoons, or riveting dramas following anti-heroes who just can’t seem to put down the bottle—programs that fire on all cylinders. And then there are the misfires: the sitcom revivals, reality shows, comedies that try too hard, or teen dramas that everyone else just can’t seem to stop talking about (and we, on principle, will not watch). We pity those shows and their audiences because we know quality and they do not. 

Unfortunately, COVID-19 has induced a streaming drought no biblical figure could’ve anticipated. We’re thirsty for new, quality television that empowers us to look down on inferior programming…those pathetic TV shows we once pitied suddenly look pretty tempting. No, we haven’t seen the following shows (or at least very little of them), but if you’re a die-hard Fuller House fan, feel free to be offended. 

Cover Photo: Netflix

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