Netflix Drama ‘Dead to Me’ to Close With Upcoming Third Season, As If We Needed More to Mourn

The mystery thriller series Dead to Me is returning for a third – but final – season, Netflix recently announced. Season one follows the budding friendship between Californians Jen (Christina Applegate) and Judy (Linda Cardellini), who meet in a grief support group. Jen is mourning the sudden loss of her husband and Judy…well, Judy is there for auspicious (or should we say “suspicious”?) reasons that soon come out in the darkly comedic narrative that culminates in a shocking tragedy.

While viewers could have been satiated with one season of the show, Netflix renewed it, and season two finds the friends dealing with the repercussions of the fatal mistake in season one’s finale. As the lives of the wine-loving BFFs continue to intertwine and events become even more convoluted, their relationship is strained to the breaking point. But the duo pull through and things seem to be going their way, when again viewers are hit with a devastating plot twist.

It was clear with the season two finale that another season was warranted, so we were thrilled to hear Netflix renewed the show. But upon learning that it would be the last, well, now we’ll be mourning right along with Jen and Judy, who each have histories of loss that would break most people’s spirits.

“From start to finish, Dead to Me is exactly the show I wanted to make and it’s been an incredible gift,” the show’s creator, Liz Feldman, said in a statement. “Telling a story sprung from grief and loss has stretched me as an artist and healed me as a human. I’ll be forever indebted to my partners in crime, my friends for life, Christina and Linda, and our brilliantly talented writers, cast and crew. I am beyond grateful to Netflix for supporting Dead To Me from day one.”

While Dead to Me is on its dying breath, the one consolation is that Feldman’s collaboration with Netflix will live on, hopefully resulting in series as enticing and addictive as this series.

Cover Photo: Netflix

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