Mama Tried: 10 Movies That Warned Humanity Not to Mess With Mother Nature

Jane Goodall is the world’s most famous primatologist and a lover of nature. She knows a thing or two about monkey business. Goodall thinks COVID-19 is a byproduct of our “disregard for nature.” This comes as no surprise to horror movie lovers such as ourselves. As we’ve learned from decades of cinema, you’ve got to respect your Mama Earth or else.

Nature’s revenge has been the subject of tons of movies. Some were campy, others gory, and few were masterpieces. Humanity battled mutants, mad animals, and even the principle of life itself. The big twist is always that we were the monsters all along. Again, no surprise. Humans are the worst! Seriously, have you ever seen a reality TV show or landfill? April 22, 2020, is the 50th Earth Day. Since you can’t be in nature cause we broke the world, here are 10 flicks where Mother Nature does her best Arnold Schwarzenegger impression.

Cover Photo; Paramount Pictures

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