New ‘All the Streams’ Lets Cheapskates Watch Streaming Services For Free (Like Watching Cable at Your Parents’)

In an attempt to “cut the cord,” entertainment-seekers have turned to streaming services. The only problem is that they stagger new movie and TV releases, leaving you toggling between (and paying for) multiple subscriptions all at once. That is, until now. A just-launched service called All the Streams lets you watch Amazon Prime, Disney+, HBO, Hulu, Netflix, and Showtime for free. There’s just one catch to this self-proclaimed “pirate radio for streaming”: employees pick the content airing on each “channel,” leaving you at the whimsy of their tastes and scheduling (though requests are accepted by text).

If this approach sounds vaguely familiar, it is; once upon a time, network TV operated this exact same way. (And look how well that turned out.) How long All the Streams will be in operation is unknown. While MSCHF, the company that created All the Streams, is paying for subscriptions to the streaming services it broadcasts, they might be violating some laws by sharing that content. So if you’re interested in catching episodes of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Game of Thrones, or The Office without shelling out any cold, hard cash, check it out. Just don’t expect this utopia to last. Soon enough, you’ll be back to mooching cable from your parents’ house.

Cover Photo: shironosov (Getty Images)

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