Better Call Who? Jimmy McGill vs. Saul Goodman

We’ve known the character trajectory of Better Call Sauls protagonist since the start. Walter White’s go-to legal advisor, Saul Goodman is as exploitative and unethical as the man whose money he helps launder. However, Saul didn’t always unscrupulously freewheel; before he changed his name, he was Jimmy McGill.

The Breaking Bad prequel series pulled the curtain back on Goodman. He isn’t just that irreverent scumbag we met in the back of a van. McGill used to care about the consequences of his actions. In the Better Call Saul’s fifth season, McGill (now legally known as Goodman) seems to have fully embraced his Breaking Bad persona—the contrast between who he was and is being more apparent than ever. This begs the question: if you required legal assistance (when you can go outside again), which version of Better Call Saul’s antihero would you call? Are you going to a cheap strip mall or the utility room of a Vietnamese nail salon? We’ve pitted lawyer against lawyer—Goodman versus McGill—to determine who we would turn to in a pinch.

Cover Photo: AMC

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Although we love a good scam, you don’t want to associate yourself with someone like Saul Goodman. That character is a red flag; a sociopath molded by a multiple of well-written episodes. Better Call Saul and Breaking Bad are cautionary tales. Similarly to how Walter White goes sour and becomes Heisenberg, Jimmy McGill morphs into his professional alias. These men coddled the self-indulgence aspects of their personalities until there was nothing left of what they once were. Picture Jimmy and Walter contracting COVID-19 and going on spring break anyway—selfish ideologies aren’t good for anyone. So, if your neighbor isn’t willing to share their ass wipe, hire McGill and stay the fuck inside…

Overall Winner: Jimmy McGill

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