Ben Affleck Gets Candid About Alcoholism With Convenient Timing For New Movie About Alcoholism

Celebrities are just like us! They struggle with alcoholism, too. But it seems a little convenient that Ben Affleck has been vocal recently regarding his struggles with booze just as his new film, The Way Back, is about to come out.

In what appears to be a cookie-cutter inspirational sports drama, Affleck plays Jack Cunningham, the new coach of a low-performing, multi-cultural high school basketball team. In addition to turning the lackluster team around, Cunningham battles daddy issues and alcoholism. The storyline shouldn’t be unfamiliar to Affleck, who is a frequent rehab-goer. He’s 12-stepped at least three times, in addition to publicly stumbling his way into relapse as recently as October of 2019.

“I loved to drink. I loved to have a good time. I drank very normally and happily for a long time. Then I thought, ‘Is my tolerance going down?’ It was confusing at first. Then I was like, ‘I’m drinking too much,’” he told CNN in such rapid-fire speech it made us wonder if his drug of choice is now cocaine.

Affleck has been making the rounds on the media circuit, talking about his alcoholism and experiences with anxiety, depression, and divorce – all with the inevitable plug for the new movie, out March 6. But on CNN, he insisted, “I don’t want to pitch this as like a ‘message movie’ because I think you go to church for sermons, schools for lectures, and movies to identify with people, to find catharsis, to find inspiration, to see yourself in these characters, to see them confront real challenges and to watch them triumph.”

Phew. What a mouthful. We wish the actor the best of luck – and beg him not to subject us to any more sappy recovery movies in the name of raising awareness about addiction.

Cover Photo: Warner Bros.

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