Adrien Brody Dating Harvey Weinstein’s Ex-Wife, Likely Preparing for Role in Horror Show With Boobytraps

Some of the strangest stories come from Hollywood. Take, for instance, the newest “it” couple to come from the Hollywood hills: Adrien Brody and Georgina Chapman. The former is one of film’s most eccentric and electric actors. The latter is a highly-regarded fashion designer…who also happens to be Harvey Weinstein’s ex-wife. Weinstein, of course, was recently found guilty of rape, after being accused by over a hundred women with whom he has worked throughout his, um, “illustrious” career. Chapman, to her credit, filed for divorce almost immediately after the accusations towards her then-husband were made and she denied any knowledge of her husband’s criminal activity.

The Marchesa designer did her best to stay out of the public light during Weinstein’s fall from grace, but recent tabloid photos showed Chapman and Brody getting quite comfortable with each other and various media outlets have confirmed the couple’s courtship. Of course, Brody is a method actor and he could just be preparing for a role in a movie about a disgraced Hollywood mogul who kidnaps the man who stole his wife and leaves him in an abandoned warehouse full of boobytraps. We’d watch it, but only because Harvey Weinstein is a bigger villain than Jigsaw could ever be.

Cover Photo: Drew Altizer Photography (Shutterstock), Dave Benett (Getty Images)

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