‘The Jesus Rolls’: A Spinoff About ‘The Big Lebowski’s Worst Character (10 We Would Rather See)

 The Jesus Rolls is a spinoff about the worst character from the 1998 Coen brothers classic. This month saw The Jesus Rolls trailer, starring John Turturro as Jesus Quintana, hit the internet. The Big Lebowski spinoff, which also serves as a remake of the 1974 French film, Going Places, will release in theaters later this month. While we salute Turturro for writing and directing the film himself, we do not approach this Coen-less venture without trepidation.

Clarification: there are no bad characters featured in The Big Lebowski but Jesus Quintana is the worst—a deplorable, bowling ball-licking sex offender who exposes himself to 8-year-olds. Maybe The Jesus Rolls will paint the character in a more flattering light (early reviews say otherwise) but for now, well, you know, that’s just, like, our opinion, man. There are a ton of other characters from The Big Lebowski, a film that is infinitely quotable and has inspired an entire White Russian-wielding religion, that we find more appealing. That said, here are a handful of other characters seen in The Big Lebowski who could’ve laced up some bowling shoes and delivered a proper spinoff because unfortunately, the Dude did not abide.

Cover Photo: Screen Media Films

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