Jenny Lewis Revives the Art of Poetry to Snub Oscar Snubbing

As is a yearly tradition, the Oscars announced their nominees last month and generally enraged the moviegoing public. While some took to the streets and kicked lampposts in despair, others like songstress Jenny Lewis found more constructive ways to vent their frustrations. Reviving the art of poetry, Lewis took to Twitter with a few choice bars to lament why the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences continues to get it wrong. Like many of us, Lewis wondered why ScarJo snagged two nominations while Awkwafina got snubbed. She also waxed poetic on why Greta Gerwig’s ethereal and imaginative rendition of Little Women didn’t even get so much as a second look.

But in the end, as is also a yearly tradition, though we all chide the Academy on their lack of vision and diversity (and mumble unpleasantries to ourselves as we fall asleep at night), we always tune in to the big show anyway. Because ultimately, nothing celebrates Hollywood quite like the fanfare of the Oscars. We just hope that one day, when it comes to noticing the year’s diverse offering of great works, the Academy actually nails it. Find all your pre-game Oscar musings below.

Photo: Michael Kovac / Contributor (Getty Images)

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