Mandatory Best of 2019: Ranking the 10 Greatest Moments of the Year

2019 ended the second decade of the 21st century like an exclamation point. From pop culture to science to sports, big events inspired extra feels. While the year is not without its tragedies, it also had its share of triumphs. New heroes emerged, sometimes wearing the face paint of old villains. The long night yielded to more visible terrors. Upset victories, shocking defeats and everything between came and went. For example, Keanu Reeves became an internet god. In addition, scientists discovered an exoplanet that could support life. Above all, a friggin’ fruit sold for six-figures at a Florida art festival. And, it wasn’t even organic. With the new year around the corner, we decided to look back at the 10 greatest moments of 2019.

Cover Photo: JOSEPH PREZIOSO / Contributor (Getty Images)

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