Sacha Baron Cohen’s Latest Stunt Got GOP Lawmaker To Drop Trou, Shout N-Word

Photo: Showtime

It may not appear like it at first glance, but Sacha Baron Cohen is a man of many talents. Yes, the Borat actor, although controversial, is talented (even if his stunts results in getting politicians fired).

Whether you like him or not, the shtick is genius — an ability to mold himself into a seemingly infinite amount of characters in such believable detail is simply out of this world. And it seems no matter how often he fools people on camera, he continues to find new ways to viciously prank unsuspecting victims.

His latest show is called Who Is America? After two episodes, the Showtime satirical program is sending shockwaves through the every wave of amber grain from sea to blazing sea.

The first episode lured politicians into supporting guns for toddlers. The second — which aired Sunday night — well, just watch…

That was Georgia GOP lawmaker Jason Spencer, who allegedly thought he was making an anti-terrorism video …through the use of homophobia.

America’s face right now, right?

Couldn’t have shown it better myself.

Spencer is now a famous politician for all the wrong reasons. It’s hard to fathom how someone this dense, gullible, and insensitive (to say the very least) is in office …but that’s precisely why Cohen is doing the show. Check out the full clip with Spencer below (use discretion, as this video is not safe for work):

This not only shows how he went along with every instruction given to him by Cohen’s character (an “Israeli military expert”), but also “trained” to take upskirt pics, use a terribly offensive Chinese accent, and shout the N-word several times.

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It’s no surprise many are calling for Mr. Spencer to step down from office.

According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, the state representative threatened to sue the TV show to prevent the episode from airing. He has now apologized, but refuses to leave office.

House Speaker David Ralston urged the legislator, state Rep. Jason Spencer, to resign shortly after the episode of “Who is America?” aired Sunday night, and he was soon echoed by leaders and rank-and-file members from both sides of the aisle.

He may still face official repercussions: Georgia Republican leaders are researching ways to reprimand him, short of calling a special session to oust him from office.

And Ralston’s office said bipartisan legislative leaders – House Majority Leader Jon Burns and Minority Leader Bob Trammell – are discussing filing a joint ethics complaint targeting Spencer’s behavior.

The good news is Spencer lost his primary election. He’ll be out of office come November. Let’s hope the people of Georgia elect someone who better represents the human race in his place.

Please, wherever you are, vote.