Free Play: This Week’s Featured Free Games 7/20/2018

Each week, I give you a summary of the free games that are currently available. It’s a chance for you to experience great interactive entertainment, without investing any money! This edition of Free Play is no different, consisting of newly-available free-to-play titles that I’ve deemed worthy of your attention. Let’s do this!

Hitman: Episode 3 – Marrakesh (PC, PS4, Xbox One)

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Hitman continues with its free offerings, now giving players access to the third chapter: Marrakesh. Episode 3 takes Agent 47 to a Morrocan marketplace, where a Swedish banker and a Morrocan general need taking out. Killing these two targets can be accomplished in a wide variety of ways, with the market itself offering many opportunities for a creative murder or two. There are multiple challenges to complete in Marrakesh, so you’ll want to replay the mission a few times to see it all.

The Hitman Episode 3 – Marrakesh DLC can be found within the PS Store, Xbox Marketplace, and on Steam under Hitman DLCs. Get killin’!

Serial Cleaner (PC)

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Though Twitch Prime has been gifting subscribers new games for a couple of weeks now, I was waiting for something truly impressive to pop up and earn its place on this list. Serial Cleaner is the game that grabbed my attention, and if you’ve got an Amazon Prime membership, I can now recommend you download and install the Twitch Game app. Once downloaded, you can then play Serial Cleaner, in addition to great games like Brutal LegendBroken Age, and the Framed Collection.

Middle-earth: Shadow of War Demo (PC, PS4, Xbox One)

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Now that the microtransactions have been removed, Shadow of War‘s greatness is now enhanced. It takes everything that made the original Shadow of Mordor great, and then adds layers upon it. The “Nemesis System” is the biggest highlight, with your enemies growing alongside you, with rivalries forming. It heightens that immersion and really makes every fight feel more custom.

If you somehow managed to miss this title last year, perhaps because of the loot box controversy, you absolutely must try out the new demo. It’s a totally free trial, available on PC through Steam, PS4 via the PS Store, and Xbox One through the Marketplace.

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