Falling Down ‘The Rabbit Hole’ With Singer-Songwriter Ashe

Photo: Leslie Colon

Discovering Ashe is like coming across that thrift store find that makes your day a little brighter. The breakout singer-songwriter is a throwback who fits in perfectly with what’s trending today, just like a retro pair of Levi’s.

Combining vintage vocals with modern alt pop production, Ashe has been a buzz-worthy name, racking up millions of streams with her collaborations with Louis the Child and touring with Big Gigantic.

Now, Ashe is ready for her closeup, with her debut EP The Rabbit Hole. The seven-song release (on Mom + Pop), has the dream pop sensibility of Lana Del Rey, but is more Bohemian Pippi Longstocking than Gangsta Nancy Sinatra.

On Rabbit Hole, Ashe is California Dreamin’ about sunshine and melodies, despite song titles like “Someone to Lose” and “Wrong Side of Myself.”  She’s about finding humor and realness even in her darkest times, like in the track “Choirs,” where she sings, “In the champagne drought I lost my mind / So I started smoking cigarettes with boxed wine.”

Clearly, this is someone we need to get to know…

Mandatory: Your songs are like a breath of fresh air in a stressful time when it seems we’re getting the wind knocked out of us on a daily basis. Are you consciously aware of creating uplifting music when you’re writing/recording songs?

Ashe: I don’t believe I’m consciously aware of that. I’m truly just writing what’s in my heart at the time. Sometimes my songs are influenced by what’s going on in the world, but primarily, they’re a result of what’s going on inside of me.

You’ve talked about your struggles with depression in the past, which I think would surprise some people who know you only through your fun, positive-vibes songs. Why do you think the “happiest people” are sometimes also the most sad?

I think artists can tend to be a little “extra” sensitive, myself included. My bubbly, weirdo self is who I am, but it’s not everything I am. Everyone has their dark sides. I just think the ones who “seem the happiest” can just be harder to understand. We like putting people in boxes, but humans don’t belong in boxes.

What role did music play in helping you cope with depression?

Music has played every role, it’s both put me in depression and pulled me out of it.

Let’s talk about your new EP The Rabbit Hole (out now). Great title BTW. What can fans expect?

Thank you! People can expect to hear some weird ass music that portrays my view of the human condition.

Where are you as an artist and person on The Rabbit Hole?

Hmm. I created it, so I think of it as a reflection of myself. My own little world.

What’s the one memory you will take away from recording the EP?

Well, The Rabbit Hole is my very first EP. I’ll always remember this feeling of being super vulnerable and afraid, but also relieved I get to be one of the people in the world who got to create something they’re truly proud of.